Founder Bio

Meet Our Founder:  Joseph Land

Joseph Land is the managing partner of JL Capital Group LLC, a company whose core investments include Transportation and Transportation Related industries, Nutrition, Energy Technologies, Social Marketing, Real Estate, Software Technology and other businesses. He has more than thirty years of experience in the transportation industry and business.

Mr. Land states that “as a kid, my dream was to play professional baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers drafted me and I thought my dream would be fulfilled. However, a torn rotator cuff ended that dream and I knew I had to get another dream pretty quickly. To show you that GOD has a sense of humor, I ended up in the transportation industry.”

Beginning his career in transportation, Mr. Land formed the Joseph Land Group, Inc. He fondly recalls, ”I had a dream and no money … over the ensuing 25 years we were fortunate to create a company which grew from a humble beginning to more than $179 million in annual sales.” The Joseph Land Group, at it’s peak, operated more than 1,500 trucks and employed 2,000 people in its twenty three offices across the United States. The company was listed by Price Waterhouse in 1989 as the eighth largest refrigerated transportation company in North America and the eighteenth largest company in South Carolina.

Since selling his transportation company in 1994, Mr. Land has become one of the three founding partners of LS2C Logistics, Inc. With this elite management experience in the trucking and transportation sector, Mr. Land is enthusiastic about how LS2C can fill a niche in the transportation sector. Mr. Land is involved in a number of exciting new companies.

Joseph Land is an Elite Entrepreneur.

Education:  University of South Carolina Alumni, BS in Marketing, USC Letterman, Captain USC Baseball Team, Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Follow him on Facebook :  and on Twitter:  @JosephLand16 and on LinkedIN:

6 thoughts on “Founder Bio”

  1. Very impressive!

  2. I am so proud of you Joe. You have always been an idol and peer i believe in, you gave me a chance when no one else would, and you truly believed in me. For that i will always be grateful to have started my career with your original trucking company.

  3. Joe Land said:

    Does Eva B. Land ring a bell with you? Working on ancestry history. She was my grandmother and all 3 of her children have passed. If you owned Joseph Land Trucking Company, we spoke at a couple of funerals and I called you once about leasing your trucks. Would appreciate any information you have, if any.

    • Yes, I remember. Eva was married to my fathers brother, Joe Edward Land. I am named after him. Joseph or Joe. My father was Lawrence Asbury Land. They lived in Buffalo, SC for a time. My Mother was Ruby McCall Land.

      Contact me directly at :

      Thank you.

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