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Joseph Land has written his first book in collaboration with good friend, Bill Perkins.  The title of the book is Lessons from a Dream Maker.

Joseph Land says that he has always had a DREAM.  He also says that life’s lessons are the best teacher.  Land states. “All my life it seems that I have had people tell me what I cannot do instead of cheering me on in the pursuit of my dreams.  I call the these people Dream Robbers, they seem to suck the life out of you!  However, those who cheer you on towards your dream are the Dream Makers;  my Dad was a person like this for me early in my life!”  He was my Balcony Person, cheering me on and telling me that I could achieve my Dream!”

One of the things that Joseph Land  believes deeply is that everyone has a Dream in their heart.  Here is an excerpt :”Many times life beats us down so badly that we sweep our Dreams under the carpet because we do not think they are possible any more and we just decide to settle for less in life.  Caged in the recesses of your imagination is a bodacious dream waiting to get out.  It is pleading with you to give it your full attention so it can be translated into reality.  And something deep inside of you knows that the realization of your GOD given destiny depends on your willingness to unleash that dream and pull together the resources needed to build it into reality.  Within the pages of the  book you are holding are the Ten Steps that will enable you to make your Dreams come true.  Remember, there is no future in the past! ”

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